Self Care Catalysts, a health research company, is conducting an online survey about Epilepsy amongst individuals with refractory complex partial seizures (rCPS), their caregivers, as well as parents of babies with Infantile Spasms(IS).

This study aims at understanding the journey of patients and caregivers around their treatment experience, their decision making process, and more. The insights drawn from this survey will be used to develop health solutions and programs that better meet patients’ needs.

Your participation in this research will be kept confidential, and any information you provide will not be related back to you. Participation includes a 30-minute online survey, and a possible 30-minute follow-up phone interview for selected and interested participants. Respondents will be compensated $75 for the successful completion of the survey, or $150 for the successful completion of both survey and phone interview.

If you are interested to participate in this survey, please click here to determine your eligibility: http://self-care-catalysts.epilepsy-pre-survey.sgizmo.com/s3/

Alternatively, please feel free to contact Amanda at amanda@selfcarecatalysts.com