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"The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsys through efforts including education, advocacy and research to accelerate ideas into therapies."



Dare to Understand More about Seizures Because Someone You Know Lives with Epilepsy

With 1 in 26 Americans Developing Seizures During their Lifetime, “#Dare To” Vision Helps People Living with Epilepsy
Break Barriers in Innovation, Education and Discrimination.

New Logo Emphasizes Bold Strategy of Public Service Announcements Featuring Rick Harrison from TV’s “Pawn Stars” Premiere
for National Epilepsy Awareness Month

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Southern Illinois has launched a new nationwide campaign, brand and logo, daring the public to help break barriers blocking many people living with seizures from reaching their fullest life potential.

One in 26 of us will develop epilepsy in our lifetime. Nearly 3 million Americans currently live with epilepsy, making it the fourth most common neurological condition in the United States, and more prevalent than cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and autism – combined.  There are over 10,000 people in Greater Southern Illinois living with epilepsy. Thousands of individuals die from seizures every year.

The Epilepsy Foundation’s “#DareTo” campaign challenges the general public to better understand epilepsy, to know how to recognize seizures and to learn proper first aid. For people living with epilepsy, “#DareTo” focuses on imp roving understanding and management of their seizures, including exploring the best available treatment options. The campaign, and the new logo, underscore  the Foundation’s commitment to be bold and aggressive in accelerating change for people living with epilepsy.

“#DareTo” starts during November, National Epilepsy Awareness Month, with a new public service announcement featuring Rick Harrison from TV’s “Pawn Stars.” Harrison, who lived with seizures as a child, is now a national spokesperson for the Foundation and serves on the organization’s national Board of Directors. The PSA will air on the A&E Networks including History, home of “Pawn Stars” and other series created by Harrison.  

“I had bad seizures until I was a teenager. I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to grow up. But, I dared to think differently,” says Harrison in the PSA. “My epilepsy taught me to be a fighter. When I said I wanted to make a TV series out of my pawn shop, people thought I was nuts. But, I dared to defy the odds and ‘Pawn Stars’ was born. If you have epilepsy, dare to live to your fullest potential. The Epilepsy Foundation will help you dare.”

The Foundation’s new direction includes serving as an unwavering  ally for people living with epilepsy. Many face barriers because of underfunding of treatment and therapies, lack of understanding about epilepsy and public fear of seizures. 

No current seizure treatment options exist for one third of people living with epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation’s Epilepsy Therapy Project is daring researchers and other innovators to discover new therapies for people with little or no seizure control or who live with severe side effects.  

The “#DareTo” campaign will include a strong educational component designed to help the public understand that, since epilepsy can develop in someone regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, the condition is relevant in everyone’s lives. “#DareTo” will also create community strength to support people who are living with seizures.

The Foundation will be asking people to adopt their own “#Dare To” social media message to show how they or their loved ones are supporting the community.   

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, click here for more information!

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