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"The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy and research to accelerate ideas into therapies."


Illinois Top 10 Tips for Medical Marijuana Patients

SPRINGFIELD (AP) - The Illinois Department of Public Health has created a "Top 10" list of tips for people applying for medical marijuana cards.

Department spokeswoman Melaney Arnold says the list answers common questions about the multiple-step process.

The first tip covers meeting with a doctor to discuss marijuana. Others explain submitting fingerprints, the $100 fee and the requirement for a passport-style photo. Tip Number 4: "Do not send in a selfie!"

The one-page, easy to read list has been sent to patient groups. It is also posted on the medical cannibas program's website and the health department's website. (Click here for Top 10 List)

About 18,400 people have started the patient registration process. Of those, about 2,500 have submitted at least part of the application. So far, just 1,600 patients have been approved.




March 26, 2015


Epilepsy Advocacy Day in Springfield, Illinois

Come Join Us and be an Advocate for Epilepsy!!

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April 18, 2015

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8th Annual Gala - "The Mystery at Bellecourt Manor"

"Who Done It" Murder/Mystery Theme

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InterviewSelf Care Catalysts, a health research company, conducting in-person or online interviews (60 minutes per interview) amongst individuals with refractory epilepsy, caregivers of patients with refractory epilepsy, as well as parents of babies with infantile spasms.

The insights drawn from these interviews will be used to develop health solutions and programs that better meet patients’ needs.

Your participation in this research will be kept confidential, and any information you provide will not be related back to you. Participation include either an in-person interview (held in Orlando during mid-April) or an on-line interview (during the 3rd week of April).

Respondents will be compensated $250 for the successful completion of the in-person interview and $120 for the online interview.

If you are interested to participate in this survey, please contact Amanda Chen at or +1-416-673-6676


SEIZURE MEDICATION LIST medications do you or your loved one take to control epilepsy? Do you know the adverse effects of those medications or the potential drug interactions?  Take a look at this in-depth list of seizure medications provided to you by the Epilepsy Foundation. Treatments are available that can successfully control seizures for most people with epilepsy. The first treatment is almost always one of the many seizure medications that are now available. Each medicine tends to work better with certain kinds of seizures than for others. If one treatment fails, another may be work better. Click here to view more information about the medication you or someone you love is taking. 



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