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"The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy and research to accelerate ideas into therapies."


Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana - Illinois Senate Bill SB2636

• Over 130,000 people in the Chicagoland area live with epilepsy, a neurological condition that includes recurring seizures.

• More than 40,000 of these people live with uncontrolled seizures.

• People living with uncontrolled seizures live with the continual risk of serious injury

• Illinois has a law that lists 35 conditions for which medical marijuana may be

• Unlike 18 of the other 20 states that permit the use of medical marijuana, epilepsy is not included in the conditions for which marijuana may be prescribed under Illinois

• In vitro and in vivo evidence exists of the impact that cannabidiol (“CBD”) can have on seizures, as well as anecdotal human evidence.

• For epilepsy, the useful form of marijuana is an oil; it is not smoked.

• It is high in CBD and low in THC, the hallucinogenic component of marijuana.

• There is no alternative recreational use for this form of marijuana; it is formulated

• It is appropriate to allow patients, parents and physicians the ability to determine collectively if the compassionate use of medical marijuana is reasonable in each individual epilepsy case, including intractable pediatric cases.

• Illinois residents suffering from seizures should be afforded the same benefits available to those suffering from any of the 35 conditions included in the Illinois medical marijuana law.

• Illinois families shouldn’t have to split up and move out of state in order to gain access to a viable treatment for intractable seizures.

• Senate Bill SB2636 Adds “Seizures, including those characteristic of Epilepsy” to the list of qualifying conditions.

• Senate Bill SB2636 also adds pediatric patients, under the age of 18, suffering from

“Seizures, including those characteristic of Epilepsy” as qualifying patients.